Workplace Programs

equilibrium-MBSR offers worksite programs designed for businesses from large to small.  The programs can be uniquely designed to fit your specific needs.

A Taste of Mindfulness – 1 or 2-hour program

This one to two-hour program is designed to help those attending understand what Mindfulness is and how it can be cultivated both personally and professionally. The workshop includes group discussion on the ways mindfulness can support us in dealing with stress and how to integrate it into our daily lives.

Half-Day Program

This 4-hour program is designed to enhance the understanding of Mindfulness by highlighting the most current research, and by having a direct first-hand experience with practice.   The 4-hour class allows time for two guided meditation practices, group dialogue and discussion relating to stress reaction, communication, or self-care.

Full-Day Program

This 7-hour program is designed to enhance the understanding of Mindfulness by highlighting the most current research, and by having a direct first-hand experience with practice.   The 7-hour class allows time for three guided meditation practices and group dialogue.  Additionally, in this session we will explore in-depth stress reaction, and communication or self-care, while working in both small and large groups.

Retreat Program – 2 days

This program is highly adaptable and can be custom designed to fit the needs of the organization. The program can have a focus on experiential practice and discussions or a focus that meets your specific organizational needs.  We have options such as mindful leadership, communication, stress reactivity and self-care.

Mindful Leadership Program

Much of the existing wisdom on leadership emphasizes the leader’s ability to Influence the behaviors of others. Over the past fifty years many theories and models attempting to capture the relevant factors have been developed. In this program, we move away from the traditional objectivist approach to leadership that focuses on the leadership context and, instead, direct our attention to the “subjective experience of the leadership relationship” (Lawler, 2005). Participants will learn the importance of exploring new ways of listening, leading, responding, and innovating and to see the world in new and different ways. Through mindfulness training, participants will be able to cultivate attention and awareness that allows them to live all aspects of their lives with a greater sense of skill, connection, openness, and balance.

8-week on-site MBSR Program

The 8-week MBSR program is a unique opportunity for participants to have a highly experiential experience with mindfulness.  Throughout the 8-weeks participants will participate in guided meditations, mindful movement, and small and large group discussions.  There will be weekly home practice assignments that include a daily meditation practice, along with other small journaling assignments.   The course will help the participants tap into the internal resources that already exist within themselves.  For many, this can result in an increase in stress hardiness and resiliency.  The instructor will help navigate challenges with the practice and highlight learning areas.  The course is structured to help the participant find ways to cultivate mindfulness into their daily lives so that they can receive the benefits far beyond the 8-week course.

Custom Programs

All of the instructors have business backgrounds and understand the unique needs that arise in dynamic and complex cultures of different organizations.  Contact our team and we would be more than happy to custom design a program that is suited for your organizational needs.

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