rock“Taking the mindfulness classes helped me change the way I look at each moment of my life. I am much more aware of the current states that pass through my mind and body on a daily basis. By being aware I have learned to channel my stresses more effectively and it has helped me learn how to communicate better in my relationship. I am so thankful that I took the time to dedicate myself for eight weeks in order to reach a new state of mindfulness in my life and to make the rest of my moments so much more meaningful.”

        -Amanda Thomas

    “By taking the class in mindfulness I realized that minutes, hours, days, months and years would go by before I knew it and now that I have learned to be more mindful of my presents moments I see my life taking a more positive flow. As a result of being mindful, I feel more peaceful with the situations I encounter on a day to day basis.”

        -Brian Lalor

    “Once I reached a feeling of being fully present in the moment, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. A complete feeling of liberation”

        -Charla Gregory

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