Standards of Practice

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Standards of Practice:

The teacher-training path for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is both rigorous and intensive. Teachers on the training path must have a personal practice that they continue to deepen over time.  They must also be committed to completing specialized and intensive trainings that help support this precise and delicate process.   The trainings are included below:

First Phase:

Beginning your own personal practice with mindfulness
Attend an 8-week class
Attend a 5 to 7-day silent retreat in a mindfulness tradition such as a Vipassana.

Second Phase:

Two 5 to 7-day silent retreats completed
Practicum – This is offered as a 9-day intensive practicum or an 8-week practicum.
Teacher Development Intensive – This is an 8-day intensive teacher-training program.
Mind-Body 7-day program in this phase.

After completion of the second phase a teacher can start to teach MBSR classes

Third Phase:

The third phase requires a 5 to 7-day silent retreat.
Supervision – This is the process of working with a senior teacher who can provide specific feedback relating to the 8-week course, content, curriculum and teacher competencies.

Fourth Phase:

Certification – During the certification process a portfolio is developed that includes all of the guided meditations, a video of the instructor leading meditation, giving didactic teaching, and  doing inquiry with the participants.  This portfolio also includes the workbook and class materials, student evaluation of the teachers, and letters of recommendation from professional colleagues and a mentor.

To learn more about the standards of practice go to the link below:

Good  Practice Guidelines

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